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At CSI customer’s satisfaction is priority. We achieve that by assisting our clients through all Kitchen and Bathroom projects regardless the size, we understand they are all unique. That is why we provide our customers not only with installation but with custom American and European design layouts. To better understand the project and start on the right direction we place specific emphasis on proper planning, performing a job walk through, gathering basic information on what your ideas and needs are, space measurements. We provide concise estimates which include any future anticipated cost giving us the ability to select the right materials saving time and money.

Take Your Project to the Next Level

CSI carries out general contracting activities with our in-house team and associates, implementing and redesigning quality enhancements and modernizing residential and industrial facilities.
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Everything You Need In One Place

Video Surveillance

Is the best addition to safeguarding your home or business allowing homeowners or security guards to monitor daily activity in real time on or off site, including storing footage in the event of a threat or crime in the premises.

Fire Detection

Its a critical component in our everyday life, preventing any harm that might be caused to you, the ones your love and assets in the event of a fire.

Access Control

Secure your premise with access restrictions to employees on site. Control ingress and egress to determine doors with customizable time schedules and integrated video surveillance. Know who and when personal drift around your facility and secure against unwanted visitors.

Smart Automation

Offers a combination of comfort and technology, provided by a smart management system that can be adjusted to a residential or commercial space allowing customers to take control of their lighting , air conditioning, heating systems and other gadgets from anywhere resulting cost effective and convenient.

Intrusion Detection

Does not only detect threats of malicious and burglar activities, it also saves lives with safety devices like Carbon monoxide detectors, medical and panic buttons. Secure your home or business and keep peace of mind.

European - American Style Kitchen and Bath

A kitchen is not just a place for cooking, it’s a place for living. Whether you are looking for a contemporary frameless or a traditional frame cabinet, we can lead you in the direction that best fits your lifestyle.

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